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Dr. Stephen O. Sears

Dr. Sears is an adjunct professor at the LSU Craft and Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering, working on research projects involving carbon capture and storage.   His previous service to the department  included 6 years as Department Chair. Since his retirement from LSU as a full-time faculty member, he has started a third career as a novelist.


 He received BS and MS degrees from the University of Florida in Geology, and a PhD from Penn State in Geochemistry.  Prior to arriving at LSU, Stephen Sears worked at Shell Oil Company, spending time in New Orleans among other locations as a geologist and manager.  He is the author of over forty technical, scientific and general interest publications on geology, engineering and higher education.  

Stephen grew up in South Florida, boating and fishing off of the Florida Keys and in the Everglades, hobbies that he continues to pursue today in south Louisiana.   He became interested in the World War II German U-Boat campaign in 2001, when he was on an oil field vessel that discovered the sunken U-166 on the Gulf of Mexico seafloor in mile deep water.  His travels to South America, including Venezuela, created an interest in the history and geology of the continent.   

Stephen Sears currently lives with his wife, Barbara, in Mandeville, Louisiana.  His first novel, Sunniland, was published in August 2019.  His second novel, The Orinoco Uranium, was released in April  2023.  


The Orinoco Uranium_edited.png

Reviews for The Orinoco Uranium


“Sears sets off to describe in his vivid and partly-fictional book the oil exploration process in South Florida marshlands.....the author introduces a parade of characters representing American society of the times....The structure of the novel demonstrates the author’s gift as a storyteller.....As the drama and tension build up, the story becomes compulsively readable”

Andrew K. Wojtanowicz, PhD PE
Texaco-Endowed Environmental Chair and Graduate Advisor
Craft and Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering
Louisiana State University


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